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Release history

This is a list of changes that the esd-toolkit has gone through to date.

The current version is:

VersionDateAdded content
3.30.5 19/08/2010 Activity Based Costing (ABC) online calculator
3.30.4 19/04/2010 New performance analysis tools, including performance maps, circumstance maps, five new reports and the capability to upload and download performance data. Updated esd-standards site with new lists for functions, need, circumstance, life events, powers & duties and published Local Government Business Model (LGBM).
3.30.3 11/12/2009 Partnership working - new LAA/LSP tree view showing partners and the services they deliver plus additions to the National Indicator tree to show NI targets and partners plus local indicators.
3.30 19/05/2009 Ethnicity profiling permissions, automatic customer profiling upload and system messages.
3.30 13/05/2009 Annual Efficiency Statements for Fire and Rescue authorities.
3.30 30/10/2009 Update to the LDG functionality to allow for new Point of Single Contact (PSC) URLs
3.30 16/09/2009 Postcode-level profiling maps.
3.24 18/02/2008 NI tree view added. Changes to login functionality (now requires cookies to be enabled.)
3.23 28/01/2008 Local tree XML export and service officer report.
3.22 06/12/2007 Improvements and enhancements for Customer profiling features.
3.21 31/10/2007 New AES mid-year update proforma.
3.2 12/10/2007 A new look for esd-toolkit including a completely redesigned front page and stylistic changes to the entire site. Customer profiling functionality: local maps for all authorities, extended transaction volumetrics functionality, new uploads, downloads and reports.
3.13 29/08/2007 Ajax functionality to speed up loading of pages and prevent errors caused by trying to change options whilst a page is loading.
3.12 05/03/2007 Document repository; Fire AES Forward Look proforma and submissions analysis; Create/replace custom trees functionality; Enhancements to resource search.
3.10 06/11/2006 Addition of 'Communities of practice' features for Integration Practice (IP) including 'My profile' page and changes to community page setup.
3.09 27/10/2006 Scottish project features including FAQs, forms generator, general search plus SSL, SNL and ESD category trees for Scottish Local Authorities
3.08 09/10/2006 esd-suppliers launched at ; AES mid-year update proforma live; Functionality for DCLG volumetrics study added
3.07 01/01/2001 NOT RELEASED
3.06 18/09/2006 My Toolkit; AES analysis - statistical reports of submitted AES data; AES and IEG archive - download of previously submitted statements; Efficiency tree
3.05 08/05/2006 NeSDS Phase 2 (Service Mappings & User & NeSDS team reporting); People search - searching the esd-toolkit for contacts by skills and knowledge; AES Backward look; AES links to projects, documents, people; LGSL Submissions; Changes to 'My profile', People search and User contact report to allow users to opt out
3.04 07/04/2006 NeSDS Phase 1 (Service Delivery Tree View)
3.03 31/03/2006 Multi-agency changes (phase 2) partnerships with non-LA agency types
3.02 13/03/2006 AES Forward Look 2006/07 online proforma
3.01 01/02/2006 IEG6 online proforma
3 30/01/2006 Major upgrade; First phase of multi-agency working; Recording of volumetrics; sharing of volumetrics; Enhanced process map upload and process map peer review; Usability and accessibility improvements (including cross-browser support); and Project database enhancements (to improve shared knowledge).
2.05 07/11/2005 IEG5 online proforma; Local DirectGov data capture and reporting; and League table report.
2.04 14/09/2005 AES Mid-year update online proforma : spreadsheet downloads/uploads for officers, partners, keywords and channel addresses : report selections by officers, partners and keywords : use of full LGIL and facility to duplicate interaction types for a service : 'My profile' enhancements
2.03 06/06/2005 New developments including IEG4.5, enhanced document upload and search, capability to extend service list beyond scope of BVPI 157, Interaction Progress Report by branch. This version also includes a complete rewrite of login and timeout functionality.
2.02 16/05/2005 New developments released in 2 stages. The first in March 2005 included the AES Forward look online proforma, Projects database and Integrated fora with enhanced 'My profile' page. The second phase, released in May 2005 included the AES backward look and Service interaction authentication level assessment.
2.015 24/11/2004 New functionality added: IEG Submissions now live. Priority Service Outcomes added. Core Service Descriptions added to PIDs. Interaction Applicability report, and new tree flips to allow the tree to be flipped by LGAL, LGBCL, LGCL and LGCS.
2.01 19/07/2004 New functionality added: self service & mediated content, list submissions, experts, document searching, LGIL tree, alternative service names and Interaction Progress Report - with full details filter.
2 13/04/2004 9 Months in the making, Toolkit has been totally re-written.
1.3 04/10/2003 Contains additional functionality to handle upload of delivery channel and volume data. The Toolkit has also been moved to a new faster server, to cope with the increase in the number of users.
1.22 23/09/2003 Bug fix. Delivery channel information was not displaying for a very small number of interactions.
1.21 18/07/2003 Bug fixes. Back office processes now appear as children of front office processes. The spreadsheet upload now checks branches before inserting PIDs into them.
1.2 13/06/2003 Minor release. Fixed bug in search that prevented from cycling to duplicate PIDs. Fixed access violation error in CSV download.
1.19 12/05/2003 Two new reports for subscribers. The ESD Details report outputs all data held against a PID. Data can be output in HTML, CSV or XML formats. Users may specify their own XSL stylesheet for either client or server side parsing. The Progress Against BVPI report shows additional information on the progression against BVPI 157 interaction types.
1.18a 06/05/2003 New report for project team users. This report outputs all data held against a PID. Data can be output in HTML, CSV or XML formats. Users may specify their own XSL stylesheet for either client or server side parsing.
1.18 26/03/2003 Documents can now be exported to the ESD Interface using the new sort order field. The input boxes for links now, in theory, hold an infinitely long URL.
1.17 17/03/2003 Minor bug fixes. The 'Progress Against BVPI157' report (Project team only) now archives data, so that reports can be run for previous years. Modifications to the tree export for use in ESD Directory.
1.16 13/03/2003 Minor bug fixes. Improvements for project team users to the ESD Directory fetch function.
1.15 04/03/2003 New functionality for project team users. Documents can now be attached to service branches. Back office processes are now shown in all the tree with a tickbox to toggle them on/off. A new report comissioned by Lambeth has been released to the project team with a view to making it avaliable to subscribers in due course. Modifications to the key to icons leaves more room to display the tree. Some bug fixes
1.14 27/02/2003 Three large pieces of new functionality. A third type of process (external) for project team users, the keywords feature has been further enhanced so external processes can have keywords. The tree can now be sorted using the 'sort order' feature that lets project team users order the tree however they want. Profile categories allow project team users to store metadata against processes. The process details screen has also been amended to show a description of the old reference number, as well as the number.
1.13 24/01/2003 New renew subscription functionaility, users will now be reminded in advance of their subscription ending. Made changes to search facility in response to user feedback.
1.12 09/01/2003 Process maps are now being stored on the Toolkit server directly. This means that maps are now avaliable in VSD and PDF formats with longer descriptions, in addition map descriptions have also been greatly improved.
1.11 20/12/2002 We have today uploaded a new version of the Toolkit so that Project Team users can add keywords to PIDs in their tree and export them to their service interfaces (if applicable). This change also means that in due course we will be able to add keywords to the core tree and update the search function with a 'search by keyword' function.
1.1 18/12/2002 New functionality, back office processes. 'Project Team' users can now add back office processes to all PIDs in the tree.
1.09 03/12/2002 New functionality. Large changes to allow 'Project Team' users to add multiple trees to the Toolkit. A new report for 'subscribed' users to run a report on their barriers. A new link 'Click here for national process applicability' link in process details.
1.08 22/11/2002 Additional filters on PID submissions. Publication of contact details of subscribed authorities.
1.07 08/11/2002 Enhancements have been made to the document upload facility. New 'Applicable authority types' feature added so authorities can remove process not relevant to themselves.
1.06 18/10/2002 Document functionality added. Subscribed users can now upload documents to the core and local trees. A password reminder service was also added to the website.
1.05 07/10/2002 New functionality, PID submissions as well as users reports for Administrators.
1.04 18/09/2002 New search functionality, search on PID and old ref numbers. Key to tree, and new icons in tree indicating documents present.
1.03 30/08/2002 Changes to the interaction report and a new Volumes of delivery channels report. Some upload bugs have also been fixed.
1.02 27/08/2002 New interaction report.
1.01 25/08/2002 New functionality, volumes. Modifications to login sessionID checking.
1 25/07/2002 Initial release
0.09 09/07/2002 Pilot version
0.01 17/06/2002 Pre release