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People finder

People finder is a peer support mechanism that builds on the esd-toolkit communities' willingness to share nationally to improve locally. It allows you simply and securely to search for other esd-toolkit users by specifying various search parameters and using pick lists, in single or multiple combinations. These search fields are based on selected content captured in each user's My profile. Rest assured, esd-toolkit data sharing policies have been updated to account for this usage.

More information

Search results can be sorted, so that you can quickly view results by organisation or region, as well as the default display by surname.

People finder is of interest to the whole spectrum of esd-toolkit users. It gives you improved access to the entire esd-toolkit community of users – providing a living resource directory at your fingertips. People finder is up-to-date and easily extendable to meet up and coming opportunities and needs, plus it has the ability to include contact details from other public sector organisations.

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