The Local Government Services List has undergone a transformation!!


The Local Government Service List is a collection of services that a public sector body in the UK provides to or on behalf of those who live, work and pass through their area. Not all councils perform all services in the list but it gives a common set of actions from which to choose.

The LGSL provides a standard way of referring to each service when communicating within and between organisations. It uses unique numeric identifiers for each service, irrespective of the language and naming conventions that are used by different people and organisations to identify or describe services.

To make the list easier to use we’ve listened to what you've been telling us and with the new services now offered by the Public Sector, those that are no longer carried out and a long awaited change to some service names, we have re-vamped the LGSL.

We've been consulting our editorial team of experts along the way and we really hope it’s much more user friendly.

It's now your opportunity to comment and we’d really like to hear from you.

How does it affect you?

  • It now includes services that seemed to be missing from the list of services that we deliver to the public.  These changes have either come through requests from list users or services identified during work with other EU service lists
  • The review has updated the service names to remove some of the old "Local Government" terminology and organisational structure - which makes it easier to use the service names for customer facing information
  • In many cases descirptions have also been improved to bring them up to date and make them more accurate so that they are clearer to understand and distinguish between services that are similar
  • The changes will help when designating services with a shared service delivery partner as it removes assumptions about service providers (council, fire and rescue etc.)
  • Services which legislation deems are no longer provided and/or LA responsibility (examples are licences for butcher’s shops or hairdressers) have been deprecated. (Shown as no longer in use but kept in case data is held against it and to show the history).
  • Duplicates have been removed (deprecated) so you need to make sure you use the designated LGSL number in future
  • The changes do not affect your submissions to Local Directgov

All mappings from LGSL to other lists hosted within esd-toolkit and shown on the Local Government Business Model will be updated when the approved version of LGSL 4.00 is made live.

As a result of this review of LGSL the LGNL (Local Government Navigation List) will be reviewed. This will follow later this year. If you have any ideas and opinions on how you would like to see the LGNL represented then do please add you comments to the Information Management, LGBM and Lists forum.

Please have look at the online draft at http://doc.esd.org.uk/LocalGovernmentServiceList/4.00.html# and give us your feedback in particular:

  • Is the format of the revised names suitable/correct?
  • Are new services valid?
  • Are there any services missing - new services or those that have been deprecated?
  • Are there any other services you think should be added (or deprecated)? If you have a 'local' service there is a good chance it is provided by other authorities.
  • Should we change the names of 'Licence' services to be more friendly?  For example 'Licences - pet shops' would become 'Pet shop licences'

To read more about the LGSL please see