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Natural neighbourhoods – a new way to define where people live and work

A new facility is now available through local government's information standards for effective service delivery - the esd standards - to allow users to define and use their own geographical areas known as Natural Neighbourhoods.  Our first example of an application where such areas can be used is in the LG Inform Plus report builder and viewer where local authorities, information managers and even the general public can view reports about the performance, character, context and general make-up of those natural neighbourhoods.  Such natural neighbourhoods could be: town centres, parishes, school catchment areas, clinical comminssioning areas, sales territories and so on.

The application takes data at the lowest possible spatial units available within the LG inform metrics library and aggregates them up to report on the natural neighbourhoods.

Read more about this in the LG Inform Plus news room at this link.

A new look for esd-toolkit

LG Inform PlusThere’s now a new look to the esd.org.uk pages – home to effective service delivery standards and evidence based improvement tools.

We are now known as LG Inform Plus !  There is a promotional overview sheet for you to read.

We will be adding to these new features considerably in future months.  The current collection of tools and benefits are summarised on a brief online data sheet.

Go to esd.org.uk or local.gov.uk/lginformplus for more details on the new features and further news.