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The esd-toolkit has come a long way from when it was originally developed for managing and measuring progress in e-government. The toolkit can now help you improve your understanding of your own organisation, all the services it provides, and your relationships with your particular partner organisations.

The toolkit can help you improve service delivery and support partnership working by enabling you to:

  • benchmark current processes and collecting evidence to monitor and compare improvements and efficiencies
  • empower front line staff to be more effective and efficient by providing 'at-a-glance' key information on every service delivered by the council
  • co-ordinate the re-forming of corporate infrastructure and services by modelling, mixing, combining and filtering business information on each of the services across local partnerships
  • prioritise and inform migration to more efficient channels based upon real evidence of user preferences and demographic trends
  • manage and model the impact of continually changing internal and external environments
  • provide accurate and timely metrics data and business information, knowledge sharing and the inclusion of geographic and demographic / segmentation data is considered to be crucial
  • develop a joined up corporate understanding of customer needs and experience
  • develop and share knowledge with your local partners by cross referencing business data, lessons learned, performance targets and metrics through joined-up, common standards.

The specific resources to help you do this include:

  • a common, independent infrastructure providing the common standards, business data sharing framework and communications tools that can easily be rolled out to any service area or individual
  • dynamic real-time dashboards to show and share performance information across the organisation and partnership
  • a detailed list of services and standards tailored to your organisation, based on national standards creating the "common language" to join-up local government and connect it with other public sector organisations
  • an extensive list of reports, and data uploads and downloads using common formats (csv and xml) for transfer into spreadsheets, intranets and other corporate management tools
  • an extensive archive of best practice, lessons learned, user experience and shared business processes
  • a facilitated, connected community of more than 10,000 colleagues from all disciplines including performance management, customer services, and an increasing number of other public sector organisations

The Toolkit is continuously developed and enhanced by local government practitioners to reflect the changes in how services are provided locally and nationally, to provide the information and knowledge you need to respond to these challenges effectively.

Adopting this approach will prepare the ground work for necessary and planned business management and for the national reporting obligations to central government expected to be necessary from 2008.