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This menu gives you access to the list of community micro-sites which are used to promote and support some of the bigger projects, programmes, Local Community meetings (TLCs), and dedicated communities within the toolkit. Most of the pages are freely available to all users including the public, but some of the more specialist communities of practice (CoP) are only available to subscribed or registered users.

As for the kind of content you'll find on these sites, that varies considerably from site to site, but it's here you'll generally be able to find out about the different CoP, their focus, who to contact, what events they're holding, and who they'd like to hear from.

Several of the sites available from the Communities menu are used to collate and present information about topical issues in one place, so if some of the communities or issues are relevant to you, make sure you check back regularly to see the latest updates.

Alternatively if there's a big piece of work you're interested in doing, and you think it could be facilitated by its own dedicated micro site, then please contact us on the usual address

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